This Week’s Updates

  1. Book Fair hours are 8:30 am – 3:35 pm from Tuesday February 18 to Thursday, February 20 and Monday, February 24. 
  2. Due to labour action there will be no school for students on Friday, February 21. 

At Henderson Ave, we are doing our part to safe the planet by no longer offering daily Cheerios snack in plastic bags. Instead, we ask that students bring a small reusable container and the office will serve out Cheerios.


Scholastic Book Fair Next Week

book fair

                The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school next week!

 Book Fair hours are 8:30 am – 3:35 pm from Tuesday February 18 to Thursday, February 20 and Monday, February 24. 

Now more than ever, reading is vital to leading a better life. Knowing how to read is just the beginning. Motivating young people to keep reading, comprehend what they read and develop the ability to think creatively are the end goals.

Scholastic Book Fairs has the books to motivate more reading. With your involvement, we can inspire children to practice reading and read more often. Together, we can make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime.

Can’t make it to the Fair? Interested in shopping at the book fair?

Follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Select a book from the Book Fair Flyer sent home with your child. We have attached a copy here too.
  2. Send money and the purchase item highlighted on the list with your child in a Ziploc bag labelled “Book Fair”

Your support can help our school and classroom libraries blossom with new and exciting adventures in reading, stimulating young minds for years to come.


Avan Tamboly    Teacher Librarian

Parents and Guardians are welcome to visit our fair in the library between 8:30 am-9:00 am and 3:20 pm-3:35 pm.


Information Items

Hello Henderson Families, here is some info to know for the week of Feb 10-Feb 14.

  1. NB: Due to labour action there will be no school for students on Tuesday, February 11 and Thursday, February 13.
  2. Sub lunches on Tuesday will be adjusted to make up for students not being at school this week. Stay tuned for more information at a later date
  3. Hot Dog Friday will also be extended 1 week at the end to make up for last week’s missed day.
  4. New round of Pizza lunch begins Wednesday, February 19.
  5. At school we are encouraging students to wash their hands, sneeze/cough into their sleeve and if they are not feeling well, to remain at home. Please reinforce these with your children.
  6. This is a reminder that we have many students with severe and life-threatening allergies at Henderson Ave. With Valentines Day on Friday, if you wish to send something small for your child’s class, please send only a non-food item i.e., stickers.
  7. Valentines Day is this Friday, Feb. 14. If your child is giving out Valentine cards, please send a card for every child in their class. We want all students to feel included and part of their classroom community.
  8. Family Day is Monday, Feb. 17. No School.
  9. Feb. 18-21 is our Winter BOOK FAIR. Hours will be 8:30-3:30. Please join us throughout the day if you’d like to browse and purchase. Just remember to sign into the office.

The Henderson Team

Valentines Day Initiative 💕💕Women’s Shelter

Dear Families,

This year, we are bringing a special Valentines Day initiative to Henderson Ave. PS. From now until February 13th, we are collecting feminine hygiene and beauty products, that will be packed into gift bags, and handed out as gift donations to a women’s shelter for Valentines Day.  Valentines Day can be a sensitive and lonely time for our at risk population. Students are also writing small cards with words of kindness that will be packed in with the gift bags.

The following donation items would be greatly appreciated:  (please understand that all items must be new, packaged, and unopened)

– Feminine Hygiene products                                         – Make up (samples too)

– TTC tokens, etc.                                                               – Hair Care products

– Body wash and soaps                                                     – Skin Care products

– Oral hygiene products                                                    – Jewelry

– Fragrances                                                                        – Socks/Gloves

– Gift cards ​

Donations can be sent to school with your child and dropped off in the office. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Eden Pollock