Student Voice

On Friday the 9th, Henderson had its Remembrance Day Assembly. Our senior band started the assembly by playing the national anthem, “Oh Canada”. Then, our school choir sang “J’Imagine”, a beautiful and inspirational song about what we can be accomplished when we work together and see the best in others. Ms. Ostilly’s class performed a dramatization of the poem “In Flanders Fields”. Following that, the senior band played another song, called “Homeward Bound”, a beautiful song with many solos. During our moment of silence, a trumpet solo called the “Last Stand” was played by a few of our talented senior band trumpet members. Ms. Twitchin then presented an audio clip from the 30 seconds before and after the war ended. At the end, Ms. Mida read a book called Faithful Elephants to the grade 4-8s. It was a beautiful assembly to remind us that we should remember the sacrifices our soldiers made in for fighting for the luxuries and rights that we have here in Canada.
        On Monday Oct 29th, our school had an assembly for Islamic Heritage Month. Islamic Heritage Month (and all other heritage months) is important because it reminds us that our different religions and cultures need to be accepted.
        To help us fully understand the importance of equality, we had a special guest, Farah Nasser, join us. She is a public speaker and news anchor for Global News. She came and talked to us about her experiences with racism. Ms. Nasser told us how a single insulting word was able to negatively change the way she felt about herself. She stated that it’s unfair to be insulted about something you can’t change.
         When she grew older, she went to university to pursue her passion for public speaking as a journalist. She wanted to give a voice to those who can’t be heard. Farah Nasser also shared a story about how one day at work, one of her coworkers made a joke about her religion. She felt hurt by this and knew that something had to be done. While it’s always easier to just ignore the problem, it doesn’t solve any problems. The next day, Farah went up to her coworker and explained how not only did the joke target her religion, it targeted every aspect of herself and her family. Once she informed her coworker, her coworker was deeply sorry.
       From Farah’s story, we can learn how words have a huge impact on how we feel, especially when they’re about who you are. If there was an up-stander that stood up for Farah, her, and many other people’s, story would have been different. At Henderson, let’s all work towards being allies and up-standers!
– Michael & Tisa, Student Secretaries”

On October 23rd, our school’s senior band played the national anthem at the Toronto Marlies Game. After an amazing performance, they sat down to enjoy the rest of the game. The game was very close between the Toronto Marlies and the Laval Rockets. The Marlies got their first point during the second period; the cheers of the crowd were ecstatic! However, the joy wasn’t long lived when the Rockets caught up during the third period. The game was intense after that, but the Marlies got the final point during overtime.

The senior band returned to school around 10:30 at night, happy with the great experience that they had thanks to our great music teacher, Ms.Taravati. She was the one who trained and organized us all. All of the senior band members would also like to thank our principal, Ms. Mida, for generously gifting the band with pizza before their performance. Go Toronto Marlies! Go Henderson Hawks!

Michael & Tisa, Student Secretaries