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FreeRice is a non-profit website operated by the United Nations World Food Programme. The site presents students with multiple choice questions from a variety of subject. Every time a student answers a question correctly, the site is able to purchase 10 grains of rice towards the UN’s Zero Hunger initiative. Over 97 billion grains of rice have been donated so far through this website.

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KhanAcademy is a collection of videos covering a vast variety of math concepts from early primary through post-secondary. Students can find information on specific topics or start with the basics for their grade level.

Link to Learning| Reading, Math, French, Science, Social Studies,  Art |

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Link to Learning is a collection of Internet links appropriate for student use in the study of the Ontario curriculum. It is compiled by a YRDSB teacher and covers material from multiple strands ranging from K-8. For the older children in the family, there is a high school page as well.

Little Alchemy| Science |

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Little Alchemy is a science-based game in which children try combining two elements to make something new. Players start with air, earth, water, and fire and their goal is to mix these elements together in order to find all 580. There is a second version, Little Alchemy 2, as well as Android and iOS apps available. 

mPowerMath |

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mPower is another math game published by TVO. It is developed specifically for Ontario students with input from Ontario educators. It includes interactive games which teach fundamental skills from the Kindergarten to Grade 6 level. Students can sign up for free from home.

ProdigyGame Math |

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Prodigy is an RPG style game based on math skills. The content is tailored to the Ontario curriculum and covers math strands in Grade 1 to 8. Students can sign-up individually, or by using a class code. The game explains concepts and gives students the opportunity to fix mistakes all while levelling up their character.

Raz-Kids  | Reading |


Raz-Kids is an online reading tool which provides levelled reading resources. Students listen to and read texts, and answer comprehension questions to check for understanding. Once students show mastery at a certain level, they are automatically moved to the next level. Raz-Kids is a great way to ensure that your child is reading just right books at home.

Starfall | Reading, Math |

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Starfall is a reading development tool that focuses on phonics. The content is most suitable for the early primary years and helps children learn to read in an engaging and interactive way. Also included are a variety of math games which help children practice their understanding of shapes, time, patterning, and numbers. 

Tumblebooks | Reading |

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Tumblebooks is a curated database of children’s e-books. Reading levels range from K-6 and include animated, talking picture books, read-along chapter books. national geographic videos, non-fiction books, playlists, and books in French and Spanish.

TVO Kids  | Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies |

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TVO Kids features a variety of games, videos, and activities developed for young learners. These games help children develop and apply emotional and intellectual skills in a fun context. TVO Kids also offers activities for pre-school aged children, as well as links to various Android and iOS apps.

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